Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pumpkin Scones

I have this fall to-do list on my fridge with a list of activities or things to make in the fall. I decided this was the best way to make sure I slowed down and enjoyed the season instead of waking up at the holidays. It's just about time to make a winter to-do list (get excited, so many pins, so many pins) so I finally got to the Pumpkin Scones.
So many spices, so little time. I'm so proud I had all of these in stock.
 As you know from my previous scones post, they have always seemed tricky to me but I have conquered my fear and so I ventured out solo. Unfortunately I got a phone call just as I was taking the dough out to flatten and cut into scone shapes so I got distracted. This led to the scones being more of rhombuses and trapezoids than straight up triangles (okay they look great in the picture but I think at least one fused with another in baking). Also, this recipe said to put it in a rectangle and cut it into smaller rectangles and then again into triangles. Much more complicated than just making a circle, I probably should have done that.

Please note the wonder that is the real cutting board!
By this point, I was tired of baking (it was late!) and so I decided to wait to make the icings (yes, there are two) until the next day...or the next day...and then by that time I was like "eh, I'll just mix some powdered sugar and milk and some spices and see what happens". They're okay, I think pumpkin things are a bit hit or miss. I made pumpkin muffins last year and they had a weird after-taste and these scones have some too so I fear sharing them. Which means I have a dozen scones to consume by my lonesome. I guess I will take this hit, for the team.

Completed lovelies, hot from the oven.
Fear of scones conquered! That's really all that matters. And by the time I finally made the scones, I had my sites set on the next thing (live in the moment, do as I say, not as I do): sticky toffee pudding. British baking antics to follow, hopefully soon because those dairy products won't last forever. And I know I've said this before when I had half a can of pumpkin leftover but then it went bad so now I think maybe I will make pumpkin waffles or pancakes or something. It would be sad to waste the last pumpkin of the season. Since it's snowed, I think I'm obligated to move onto such things as chocolate and peppermint--preferably together.

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