Wednesday, December 12, 2012


In honor of the last repeating day for a hundred years, I am creating a 12 post. And for an added twist, it's not about food *gasp*!

On this, a day of reflection (in case the world ends in 10 days and since this won't happen again until 1-1-2101) I give you the top 12 lessons I have learned from movies. These are not in any particular order, I thought of the first few pretty quickly as I reflected and then it started to be "what movie have I seen a bunch of times and whyyyy".
  1. Under the Tuscan Sun- Sometimes you get exactly what you wish for but not in the way you expected ("I want someone to cook for, I want there to be a family in this house, I want a wedding", all came true).
  2. Love Actually- Love is actually all around us. And it can be brutal, torturous and rewarding. It's important to be realistic but keep the fantasy in mind, just in cases.
  3. The Holiday- You have to be the leading lady of your own life, not the best friend.
  4. Twister- It's not after you, sometimes bad things happen and you have to let it go. 
  5. Tangled- Follow your dreams. I think that's the meaning of all Disney movies but this one is particularly awesome. And a frying pan is not just for cooking.
  6. Harry Potter- True friends will stick with you, even if you're an emo punk for 2-3 books. They will see you through and respect your decisions while simultaneously making you laugh. Trust that bond.
  7. The Patriot- We are so lucky that we live in the present and not on a warfront. Suuuuuper fortunate. Some things are more important than what you want or believe, like family. But threaten that family and woah child, watch out. 
  8. Meet the Robinsons- Keep moving forward. 
  9. Pride and Prejudice- Boys are stupid. Sometimes they're mean to you because they like you (but "He's Just Not That Into You" says we can't believe that, plus it's super annoying). All in all, if you make a mistake, own up to it and speak your heart. Sometimes it's not too late.
  10. Julie and Julia- Bon appetit! But seriously, just start cookin'.
  11. Hook- Think happy thoughts! It seems appealing to stay a kid and never grow up but everyone has to grow up eventually. That doesn't mean you have to be a jerk or a self-obsessed adult.
  12. 10 Things I Hate About You- Never underestimate the power of a grand gesture. 
I'm sure my colors are showing, my movie tastes indicate I'm a hopeless romantic. Oh what am I to do in this pessimistic mind of mine with such a romantic inclination? Ah well, maybe I will reflect on that on 01-01-2101 instead.

I promise I will return to lots of cooking/baking posts soon. So much cooking, so little time to blog. 

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