Monday, February 11, 2013

Orange Gingerbread Cake

I have a list on my fridge. It outlines things I want to do this winter, places to go, things to do and things to make. I had intended to make Orange Gingerbread Cake during the holiday season because it was festive with a twist. But that didn't happen so it stayed on the to-do list. Now I just needed an excuse to make a cake (like you need an excuse for cake like "my hair looks good today, I'll make a cake for it").
Look at all those flavors. What could go wrong?
Excuse #1: a friend got engaged, woohoo! I'll make a cake to celebrate when our group gets together.
Failure #1: inclemate weather cancels our plans, after the cake is made.

Excuse #2: Conveniently it's a friend's birthday the next day, perfect excuse for a cake.
Failure #2: I believe her exact words were "why can't you make anything normal?" upon hearing it was orange gingerbread. All in good friendship, she has a point.  Cue whipping up single lady chocolate cake. It was, afterall, her birthday and she can cry chocolate cake if she wants to!

Excuse #3: Now I have to eat this cake so it doesn't go to waste.

There is so much thick deliciousness in this bowl.
That last excuse worked quite well. No, I didn't eat the whole thing. Yes, I justified eating a lot of cake by reminding myself that there's no butter in it--and conveniently suppressing the thought of the package of cream cheese and stick of butter that's in the frosting.

It looks more like pumpkin pudding to me
I didn't go as far as putting pomegranate seeds on top, that's just too fancy for me. I didn't even add sprinkles. This was a strictly frosted cake (with a fantastic dent in the middle, easily filled with extra frosting).

I must say I'm surprised at how much molasses I have been able to use thus far. I certainly thought it would be in my kitchen for a long time but I think maybe one or two more rounds will finish it off. It's still winter, totally still gingerbread weather.

I have to justify buying snowflake ramekins by using them to test new cakes

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