Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Peach Blueberry Cobbler

I've finally done it, I've invented a dessert. Okay, a more accurate description would be I "modified" an already existing dessert to suit my current needs. Back in the fall, I went apple picking and made Joy the Baker's man bait apple crisp. I swear I do have other cookbooks, hers is just so good! Anyways, now it's spring and I had peaches and blueberries instead. Previously I've made cobbler topping with Bisquick and coconut but I've since graduated from mixes (aka I didn't have any) and decided to combine the two experiences into a delectable crisbler (that's crisp and cobbler together, so clever).
Move into the country, eat a lot of peaches
As always, I did not plan making this very well and since I was on a bit of a time crunch, I did this in stages. Sunday night I combined the dry ingredients into a bowl and put a lid on it. Then I chopped up the peaches and mixed them with blueberries in a casserole dish with sugar. The apple crisp called for sugar and cinnamon to be added to the fruit so I added some sugar for good measure. Lastly I took out a stick of butter to soften overnight. In the morning, I mixed the very soft butter with the dry ingredients and poured over the fruit. Although the recipe says to bake it for about an hour, I had halved this recipe so just kept a watchful eye on it until I could see blueberry juice bubbling up through the crust. 

Check out those colors!
I didn't have much time to let it cool so I stuck it in the fridge after helpin myself to a portion for breakfast. Clearly anything with oats qualifies as breakfast food. It was still a little hot when I carried it to work but we made it in one piece!

Ready to bake
My coworker took one bite and promptly spilled blueberry juice on his shirt-- whoops... It does seem to have helped solidify my reputation as a good baker though! And it really is delicious. It also makes me crave fall, I'm so over you, summer.
The finished and slightly chopped up final product

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