Thursday, October 24, 2013

Apple Muffins

Mondays are rough, muffins make them better. As previously mentioned, I have a boat load of apples to cool with--and by boatload I mean a bushel. I've found that it's much easier to pass off individually wrapped baked goods onto people than ask that they slice a piece and grab a fork. It's all in the packaging. And thus, with the abundance of apples and psychological experiment conducted, muffin Mondays have returned! At least for this week.

Two cups of apples, at your service 

I hadn't actually made apple muffins before and my usual suspects were full of other muffin varieties. So I took to the interwebs and came across this recipe from King Arthur's flour. Of course this means the recipe called for King Arthur's flour but I'm not picky. However, it did call for both wheat and white all-purpose flours and being the overly stocked pantry that it is, I had a bag of wheat flour chillin and gathering dust.

Ready to mix in the flour!

If I were a true baker and not a faker baker, I would have added some oats and maybe some cranberries to make a cran-apple muffin. But alas, I'm a faker baker and don't know what adding oats would do to the muffin chemistry. Would it be awkward? Would oats be left out? Would it just taste too healthy? These mysteries will remain unsolved for the time being.

Quite the arm workout, mixing everything together

I did however elect not to sprinkle brown sugar on top of the muffins. Partially because I didn't think it was necessary and partially out of laziness. This decision resulted in worrying for 20 minutes that they wouldn't be sweet enough, that I had somehow disrupted the space-time continuum of baking! Again, this did not happen (not that I know of) and the muffins turned out well.

Yield: 12 muffins--false

They were squishy and apply and not too dry. Coffee cake muffins are delicious but sometimes are too crumbly. Not so with these apple puppies. Personally I believe that the Greek yogurt helped to keep them moist (sorry, I know people hate that word) and I hear that's a secret to good sweet breads. One day I will learn to chop things properly but until then, to ensure my fingers remain intact, I will continue to make chunky apple breakfast foods. For added festivity, I used Halloween cupcake wrappers-- which I bought last year on sale after Halloween. Paper doesn't go bad!

Happy Halloween! 

It's cool, muffin Mondays made my day and hopefully a few others as well.

Muffin Monday!


  1. if you were really curious about the cran-apple-oat muffins.... next time, you could probably take out 1/2c flour and substitute in 1/2c oats. also, if you are to add cranberries (or anything moist like that) toss them in flour first, then add them to the batter/ rest of the recipe. by doing that, you contain the moisture a bit so it doesn't add into the overall creation. ;)

  2. You know baking chemistry!! Teach me your ways (minus all the degrees :P) Thanks for the tips, I'll have to get adventurous with my baking soon...

  3. haha... i just saw your response. the baking chemistry is definitely from the same gene as the regular chemistry :) you should definitely feel free to text me questions like that! i'll send my number