Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pecan Pumpkin Scones

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, everybody scream!! I didn't think I was such a Halloween person until I had all these opportunities to dress up and decorations to hang! Now my home is a spooky insane asylum (the sign on the door says so) and so far I have had 3 costumes. I guess that makes up for the years in college when I was lame and did nothing for Halloween.

Look at the packed sugar, so packed

Last year, I made some Halloween themed treats. This year, I will still be making spooky treats but not until the weekend. So to celebrate Halloween the adult way, I made pecan pumpkin scones. Scones are serious business and therefore appropriate for the office. 

I'm so bad at crumbly the butter but I guess it worked out 

Now you might be thinking to yourself "Seriously, you just made pecan pumpkin bread. How different could this be?"  Very. Very different. For one, totally different consistency. For another, this has icing on it and it's browned butter icing. Fancy. Pants. And I'm rocking this whole pecan't convert thing.

Crushed pecans

Sometimes I find scones to be very dry and crumbly. For some reason I have always like the idea of them but in reality, usually they require a nice latte to dip them in for some moisture. These stayed nice and soft and are almost like puffy cookies. Some people even mistook them for cookies and who am I to correct them? Whatever makes you happy. I think one day I will try to make them healthy like the other scones I've made (from Health magazine so it's truly healthy).

The glaze for these scones may become one of my go-to icings. Normally when I glaze scones, the glaze comes out too thin and just runs off but this brown butter icing was actually thick enough but still wasn't like frosting. A lovely balance for scones. 

Scones make my utensils happy--or the utensils make me happy

When you're a kid, you know which houses give out the best treats. Who has the king size candy bars, who gives out healthy stuff (avoid those houses) and even who gives out sodas (true story). Everyone knows that my desk has the treats. Granted I sit near the kitchen and it's prime strolling real estate but still, gone like hot cakes! Or like delicious scones. 

The only pretty scones, the rest had glaze smeared everywhere

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