Monday, March 10, 2014

Restaurant Week aka Dine Out Boston

In case you didn't know, I live in Boston. I moved here a little over a year ago (and by a little I mean one year and one week, but who's counting?) and have been so excited by all there is to do here. One of the first things I did with my new coworkers was go out to dinner during Boston's restaurant week to Capital Grille. I previously lived in Hartford and restaurant week happened semi-regularly among some of the top restaurants in the area. I knew those places by heart!

Boston, however, has a much larger array of restaurants participating. This year, they have also changed their pricing schema so instead of a fixed price across restaurants, the price varies slightly by restaurant. Even though the menu is somewhat fixed, it's a great chance to experience fancier cuisine you might otherwise pass up. Here are the top places I want to explore!

Boston Chops

I came across this restaurant while researching restaurants on Instagram for another article. While they don't appear to have an Instagram account themselves, so many people hashtagged them that they came up in my search. It sounds like the special in steak, something that has been seriously lacking in my life, but they also have a variety of options on their menu.

Taken from their website menu, this looks good enough to eat!


This place has a nice 1920's vibe with black and white tile throughout so of course I'm attracted to this location. I've been here for lunch before and ate waaaay too many truffle fries but I would be interested in checking out their dinner menu. The last time I went there for dinner, the wait was too long so I ended up around the corner at J.M. Curley's (also an excellent place, get the whiskey smash!). My guess is this place will be hoppin' for restaurant week but here's hoping!

Del Frisco's

After joining a local blogger group, I've had the opportunity to attend a lot of foodie events in the area and meet some great ladies! One of the events I missed was a brunch at Del Frisco's but boy did I see and hear all about it afterwards! Pictures and posts of delicious foods cropped up all over my newsfeeds and now I'm extremely tempted to check them out. They also have a great gluten-free menu, check out Gluten Free Boston's Girl's review!

This is actually a photo from a brunch attended by Gluten Free Boston Girl, sorry I missed it!
Melting Pot

My roommate has a fondue pot and I know she loves cheese, as do I, but we have yet to bust it out. Like I said, one year, one week and counting. I haven't had fondue as a meal before and the thought of dipping things in cheese for dinner sounds delicious. And messy, definitely messy. Personally I hope there's chocolate fondue for dessert.

Top of the Hub

On top of its ridiculous view and ridiculous mojitos, Top of the Hub's food has always looked amazing as it passes me by to more fortunate patrons. This is the place you take your parents and friends who are visiting from out of town to get a taste of how beautiful Boston is from the sky and to enjoy jazz music while sipping cocktails. It's fancy, we're usually under-dressed but they let us in anyways. Based on the level of fancy and their drink prices, this is one of those culinary dream restaurants where I would never spend so much money on dinner but since it's participating in restaurant week, why not? Maybe I can squeeze in a lunch there, see the city in the daylight for once--maybe.

Ummm, yes please
Union Bar & Grille

Another Instagram research find, this place looks like it has more than just burgers. Their website homepage alone has a collage of options that tempt me. A picture's worth a thousand words and they have a dozen of them so that's a lot of words and a lot of salivating by yours truly.

The homepage has a collage of menu options but this setting looks amazing!

There are more restaurants participating than just these ones and you can view their full menu on restaurant week's website. While it doesn't run on the weekends, lunch and dinner options will be available from March 16th-21st and 23rd-28th. What places are you most interested in exploring? Any recommendations? Leave a comment!

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