Monday, July 28, 2014

White Wine Poached Salmon

This past week, I was on a glorious beach vacation. I try to go to a new place every year and frequently travel with or to visit my college friends around the country. This year we were fortunate enough to reunite at the beach together where we rented a house and I did absolutely 0% of the cooking.

Day 1: excellent

What I lacked in culinary participation, I made up for in dish washing and promises to blog some of our dinners which were quite amazing. Might I also add that I was traveling with all men so no gender stereotypes were upheld in the making of these meals.

Such a gorgeous sunset

One of the first nights we were at the beach, we decided to have salmon, broccoli and rice for a well rounded and seafood meal. The grocery store was a little short on salmon but we made it work. Salmon is my favorite fish to cook due to its simplicity in preparation yet dynamic and not fishy flavor.

Step 1: Take slab of salmon and season with salt, pepper and dill

Let's proceed....

Using a one inch deep pan, the fresh salmon fillets are placed in the pan and seasoned with salt, pepper and dill. Strict instructions: no lemon juice!! Next, the salmon is drowned in a dry white wine. We used a Riesling to completely cover the fillets. Cooked in an oven at 450 for 20-30 minutes and you have perfectly cooked salmon that's still full of moisture and flavor.

In the midst of making this meal, I was hanging out next top the oven (of course I was) when flames erupted from the oven, popping the door ajar before quickly slamming shut again. We're not sure what caused the flames since it was an electric oven but I somehow managed to not get burned. Small miracles! However, this did distract me from taking pictures at the time so I recreated the recipe when I got home, this time pairing the fish with green beans instead.

On a completely unrelated but kind of related note, the master chef looks a bit like Seth Rogan and people have said I look a bit like Katherine Heigl and so we did this, totally normal. Please also find it on Twitter where I hope to attract the attention of the aforementioned actors and become famous...almost...

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