Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Turkey Taco Salad

When I was in college, there was a cafe that had milkshakes and barbecue pizza and on occasion, taco salad. It was one of their specials so it was always a pleasant surprise when it was on the menu randomly. Once, I had a dream where I went to this cafe and ordered my taco salad and was really excited but as I was about to pick it up from the counter, I woke up. My friends and I had a theory at the time (and presently) that there's a conservation of food law. The Conservation of Food Law is highly scientific and basically means that if you dream of ordering or buying food but you wake up before you eat it, that the food is still out there somewhere in the universe creating an imbalance and the only way to correct it and restore balance is to go and purchase/consume the food of which you dreamt. In my case, I went to the cafe that day and miraculously, they were serving taco salad. Premonition or Conservation of Food, I do love my taco salad.

I was contemplating what to make for lunch last week when it struck me that taco salad would be a great idea. I'm not very good at making vegetable salads, they usually turn out quite boring, and adding some ground turkey would give this salad some meat (literally). After debating buying taco seasoning, I decided I could just make it up. I probably could if I had measured but I recommend buying the taco mix or looking up proportions online instead of winging it like me.

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After chopping an onion (and not crying!!!) and garlic, I let them sweat it out a little in the pan before adding the ground turkey. While the meat browned, I removed corn from the cob to cook with the meat and chopped some tomato and avocado for toppings. When the turkey was almost cooked, I added the corn to give it some time to simmer. Chili powder and cumin were also added to the mix for some seasoning.

Once the meat was done, I allowed it to cool for a little while so the tomatoes and other vegetables wouldn't get soggy. Lettuce, tomato, avocado and cheese are mixed in with the meat and corn. I recommend serving this immediately but I reheated it for lunch. The hazard with reheating is the vegetables get all warm and soggy too (I'm not a vegetables on pizza person) so if you have an issue with that, I recommend adding the toppings after you reheat the meat.

Even though my version of taco seasoning didn't work out very well, a little bit of hot sauce went a long way in correcting that situation. This would also be great with some crushed tortilla chips and sour cream. Anything to go alongside a margarita or Corona, am I right? I'm not wrong...


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