Monday, February 26, 2018

52 Books in 52 Weeks

I'm already starting behind but Chinese New Year just started so maybe I'm right on time...yup, let's go with that! I love reading, I love getting lost in another world and being inspired to think differently. While I could go through fiction books rapidly, non-fiction take me much longer. Still working through a non-fiction I started in November (granted it's a long one but still--way behind).

So in the spirit of self-improvement, resolutions and inspiration, I'm going for this crazy thing of 52 books in a year. Except I think my year will be until Chinese New Year because goals should be achievable ha.

I've had this list on my phone for a really long time but now it's numbered and official and ever-growing:

  1. Thank You for Being Late 
  2. Scrappy Little Nobody
  3. Everything You Want Me to Be
  4. Tale of Two Cities
  5. The Art Forger
  6. Blink
  7. Essential: Essays by the Minimalists
  8. Minimalism: Living a Meaningful Life
  9. Everything That Remains
  10. Proud to Be a Mammal 
  11. A Fine Imitation
  12. Predictably Irrational
  13. Fitness Junkie
  14. The Yellow Wallpaper
  15. Perennials
  16. Small Great Things
  17. Lilac Girls
  18. The Choice
  19. Trapeze
  20. Tightrope
  21. Nudge
  22. When to Jump
  23. Sapiens
  24. Grit
  25. We're Going to Need More Wine
  26. Sisu: The Finnish Art of Courage
  27. News of the World
  28. Everything I Never Told You
  29. The Waves
  30. Crime and Punishment
  31. World Without Mind
  32. From Values to Action
  33. Becoming 
I don't even remember some of these books or why they're on my list but thanks past-self! Okay, more than half-way there...any suggestions? This list is a living thing so eventually will reach 52. Oh and if anyone has any of these books they would like to lend me...I do not need to add 52 books to my physical belongings. 

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