Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cherry Scones

I realized today just how long it has been since I posted about a new adventure in the kitchen. I swear, I have been cooking and baking up a storm but I've been so busy already into the new year that I haven't gotten around to blogging about it. And so, here we go!

In line with my resolutions, I did in fact make scones for the premiere of Downton Abbey. I also had tea to go with it but that's beside the point. I had put this recipe on my 'to bake' list after reading it in a magazine. I realize you can pretty much substitute any kind of dried berry for this but cherries sounded pretty good and overall these sounded pretty healthy.

Shiny new bowl
My track record with scones goes like this: cranberry scones with a friend made scone-making not so scary so I made pumpkin scones on my own and they tasted funny. So I guess the cherry scones were also going to be a tie breaker to see if scone making is worth pursuing.

Just a spoonful of sugar on top
I finally got new mixing bowls, ones that aren't made of plastic, so this was their maiden voyage! The scones were super easy to make (honestly, I don't know what I was so afraid of all these years). Unlike the other scones, there was not rolling, forming or cutting them into shapes involved. It was like making giant cookies but healthier (only 4 tablespoons of butter, it doesn't get much better than this). Since they are full of oats and cherries, I deem these healthy and therefore edible for Downton Abbey, breakfast and snack...and dessert. Scones all around!
Delicious pile of scones

They tasted especially good with whipped cream. Literally, I whipped the cream (tada, finally got an electric mixer) and provided the scones with a generous dollop. Perfect for pretending I'm sophisticated and British and delicious enough to distract me from my lack of 1920's wardrobe and jewelry.

Short and sweet, like making the scones....
Prepped and ready for Downton Abbey!

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