Thursday, January 3, 2013

Harry Potter Treats

When I previously stated that I have a deep love for pop culture and the royal family, I think I should have expanded that to just be pop culture and British things. Harry Potter, the royal family, Downton Abbey, I guess I just feel very spiritually connected to my ancestors, even if they didn't and formed their own nation (America!). Britain is a great country, home of Harry Potter, the Beatles, David Beckham's left foot, David Beckham's right foot (awesome quote/scene in 'Love Actually', watch it). Did I mention Harry Potter?

This is hilarious, if you disagree then clearly your soul has been split into 7 pieces. And you have no sense of humor.
I am of the age that Harry Potter books started coming out when I was around 10 or 11, primo Hogwarts admittance age. And also the age where we had to wait for not only the movies to premiere but also the actual books. How's that for old fashioned? An actual tangible book, not an e-reader version or out on Blu-Ray (seriously, I have a tv with a built-in VCR) but an actual book with pages. At any rate, Harry Potter holds a very large and special place in my heart. If Rupert Grint asked me to marry him tomorrow, I would say "Bloody hell, you bet your 'arse I will! But we should have a long engagement so I can learn your middle name". This is all leading up to a point, I promise.

My obsession is apparent in my constant reference to and quoting of the books/movies and my purchasing the complete set of DVD's this year and posting a picture on Facebook. As such, my coworkers were smart enough to give me the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook (Benoffi pie is real! Again, go watch 'Love Actually') and a mold for chocolate frogs. Where do you find a mold for chocolate frogs?? I don't know, I just got it in a secret Santa swap.

What is one to do with these gems? Coincidentally, attend a Harry Potter Yule party. Note: I said attend, not host which implies/means there are other people who love HP as much as I do and invited me to a party with Harry Potter Scene-It, party favors and treats. Luckily, I have no less than five pins on Pinterest with Harry Potter treats for such an occasion as this.

Just a liiiiittle messy....
The first item is clear: chocolate frogs. Nothing exciting here kids, you melt chocolate and pour it into the mold (I did spray it with non-stick spray just in case though). Item number two: a gloriously genius and possibly disastrous decision to make golden snitch truffles. This is awesome because they're truffles, they look like snitches and I actually get to use edible gold dust.
Mmm, truffles.
The recipe seemed simple enough, it was clear that truffles are awesome and easy if not messy to make. The issue would come when trying to make and attach wings. But let's take it one step at a time. After making the truffles (oh what do you know, I now own a hand mixer courtesy of Christmas) and letting them chill for a little bit, I dutifully dabbled gold dust all over them. I also had gold spray because the wings required it and the blog suggested I spray the truffles to set the dust. You're intelligent people, what happens when you spray air onto dirt? It goes everywhere. The same is true of edible gold dust. Literally gold dust went everywhere, like fairies had a New Year's rave in my kitchen. Days later, I was cleaning pixie dust off the top of my fridge. In fact, my computer screen still sparkles ever so slightly. Fortunately for my floor, I happened to drop a vase the next day which shattered spectacularly across the entire kitchen so I meticulously swept the floor on my hands and knees...and socks.

Mmm, shiny truffles...
I digress, yes, gold dust everywhere. Making the wings was challenging because I cut too big of a slit in the bag so chocolate oozed everywhere. There are, however, 4 corners to this bag so I cut a smaller one and then drizzling wing patterns wasn't so bad. I kept the wings small because I thought they would be less likely to break in transit. I didn't really count the wings though, I had already resigned myself to "it's the thought that counts" and knew some truffles would just be golden snitches curled up.
Snitches have flesh memory: you touch a truffle, you have to eat it.
At this point, I was late to the party and just decided to assemble some and go. I had already changed three times because honestly, what matches a Ron t-shirt from seven years ago? Not much but this is why I kept it, I knew one day I would say "why did I get rid of my Ron shirt? It would have been perfect!". This is how hoarding starts.

I'm not sure what's worse: that I own this t-shirt or that I took this photo 1.5 years ago and just had it around.
When attaching the wings, I tried to press them into the truffle dough but they sort of melted in my finger tips. Whoops. I did get some to attach and I only broke a couple. My point was made, my snitches were golden and glorious! The frogs also looked delicious, solid chocolate cannot fail.

Upon arriving at the party, I was happy to find other favorite Harry Potter treats: pumpkin pasties, treacle tart, licorice wands etc. My friend told me that in making the treacle tarts, she realized she only had Panko bread crumbs, not regular ones but decided that if it were me, I would just use the Panko and say it was okay. Sooomebody listens to my stories OR reads my blog (hiiiii!). I'm glad my impromptu and experimental ways are reaching you out there in the interwebs.

Chocolate frogs on their lily pad plate.
That was a long and somewhat rambling post but I hope it relays my happiness and excitement to check "Grown up Harry Potter party" off of my bucket list.

Mischief Managed.

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