Saturday, January 19, 2013

Maple, White-Chocolate and Cherry Oatmeal Cookies

It's the little things in life that make me feel like a grown up: doing my laundry, taking out the trash, paying my bills. Having all the ingredients to a recipe also makes me feel like a grownup. It actually makes me feel like a real grownup baking person, actually.

I swear this recipe was serendipitous. Remember the cherry scones? How could you forget, they were just posted. Well, I had left over cherries. And remember the mummy cookies from Halloween? Well, I had left over white chocolate chips from that. And remember when I need maple syrup? Yeah, I don't remember either but I have it in my pantry so obviously needed it at some point. And at this point, I always have oats. They are essential for such important things as oatmeal raisin cookies, Single Lady pancakes, and these delicious cherry maple white chocolate oatmeal cookies. That is not an easy thing to say and I will likely rearrange the order of the words a bunch of times.

Mmmk, bustin' out the big bowl for this one. Mind you, I decided to make these and roast eggplant and make soup all at the same time. Because I could and I had produce to make. But more on that later. Busy busy kitchen. In my haste, I didn't take many pictures but the batter looks really exciting with all of its oatmeal and chocolate and cherries.

So many glorious ingredients in happy harmony
These were delicious. I thought I loved oatmeal raisin cookies before but these guys are like grownup oatmeal raisin cookies (because everyone knows raisins aspire to be cherries when they grow up). They turned out a little bigger than I mean to make them, they definitely spread out more than regular oatmeal cookies. But that's okay because that meant that some of them broke in transit from the pan to the plate. Well, I can't just bring broken cookies to work now can I? Plus, I had to test the cookies to make sure they were okay. I definitely approve of these.

So I took them to work and they have oatmeal in them so was able to peddle them as breakfast cookies. Successfully demolished by lunch. And now I have used up some more things in my pantry which is good because at this point, I have 3 kinds of flour, 3 kinds of sugar, about 4 bottles of various vinegars and the list goes on.

The finished product, so yummy!
New resolution: focus my attention on recipes for things I already have. My budget and shrinking pantry space thank future me for this. (Note: my pantry is not a pantry, it's a cabinet. Just one cabinet that is shared with my bakeware and glasses and dishes. Space is super limited and well utilized).

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