Wednesday, February 20, 2013


How do you really spell donuts? I mean, it's Dunkin' Donuts but I've been told that's like Bandaids, it's just branding for bandages. Donuts are just bandaids for doughnuts? I feel like donuts are bandaids for many things, like real life and snowstorms. Well, regardless of how it's actually spelled, I prefer donuts but to appease those who are grammatically inclined, I guess I can throw in a few doughnuts. It certainly makes more sense to say "dough" than "do" but why the nuts? I digress.
Dough? Yes. Nuts? Not so sure.
We spent an entire movie wondering where Nemo was and be careful what you wish for because when you actually find Nemo, you get 3 feet of snow. I also have a theory that whoever is naming these storms, is a movie buff. So far this year we have had winter storms Draco, Gandalf, Nemo and now Q. Someone's having fun at the weather channel.
Somewhere in there is my car...
So I was snowed in for 4 days with my cat. No big deal, I didn't lose power, I had heat, I have insurance, it's all good. But I also had baking supplies. This led to donuts--lots and lots of donuts...doughnuts.
Lemony goodness
Day 2 of being snowed in: Lemon Donuts. I had prepared for this. I thought maybe I could take some to my nice snowed-in neighbors. But I didn't, I ate them all. But it's okay because they're made with Greek yogurt, delicious! And they were baked. Plus, there was a whole lot of shoveling and stomping through the snow so it all balances out. In case you didn't notice, lemons are kind of my thing. And these were made with lemon yogurt and a lemon and glazed into sweet deliciousness. So these doughnuts were for me and my blog. Yay us!

Yes, I ate them. Over days, not all at once, but I did.
Day 4 of being snowed in: I knew I would be going back to work and the bananas I had bought were getting a little squishy. And in walks Shutterbean, a handy blogger with banana donuts with peanut butter frosting. Kindergarten in a donut?  I say yes. And they were a hit at work, like everyone was just dying for childhood. Or it just so happened to be Fat Tuesday, whatever works. They were nice and soft and had creamy peanut butter, all they needed was a glass of milk (not included).
This can only end well

Bakery fresh!
Valentine's Day: Now, Valentine's Day used to bother me. I believe I called it Singles Awareness Day. Part of this was because for most of my childhood, I would get violently ill on Valentine's Day: stomach flu, 24 hour fever, sign of things to come. And there was the added bit about being single in later years when it seemed to matter. I'll let you in on a well-known secret: Valentine's Day is not a big deal. I think this year was actually the best Valentine's Day ever because I forgot it was happening. Last year, I was in a relationship for the day and yes, I got flowers but beyond that, super anti-climactic. I buy flowers randomly throughout the year and it's still a treat so there. Take that Cupid, I don't need your flowers. I just need your half-priced chocolate on the 15th. Anyways, when it's Valentine's Day, you make something chocolate. So I made chocolate doughnuts which, let's be honest, is just cake. They were meant to have sliced almonds but I had red, pink and white sprinkles that just seemed so festive. And they went like hot cakes at my breakfast meeting. It certainly made my day better.
Happy Valentine's Day!! <3
And there you have it. The official saga of the breaking-in of the donut pan. Well done, person who gave it to me for Christmas. Apparently it's the new thing in baking. Blogs are all up in the doughnut world and this gal hasn't gone to Dunkin Donuts in weeks. Money well saved. Although I hear they have a brownie-batter donut. Say whaaaat???
Chocolate, coffee, and a dose of optimism

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