Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sweet Cupcakes

Moving along with the on-going theme of things to do and discover in Boston, we have another blogger event which was hosted by a local cupcake shop, Sweet. I've made and consumed a lot of cupcakes in my time and Sweet was one of the cupcake shops that made my list of places to try when I first moved to Boston. They have a location very close to my office but they have been expanding their business each year, opening more and more locations in the Boston area.

Sweet View from Newbury Street
The first time I entered the shop, I thought it was so open and refreshing. Decorated with glass jars of candy and pink decor (without being overwhelming), it reminded me of a safe and sweet haven. Then I noticed they had Marie Antoinette playing on their television screen which I thought was extremely clever. They rotate movies on the screen related to sweets, providing entertainment to their customers.

Samples of their Irish Coffee cupcake
As for the cupcakes themselves, they have their stocked favorites such as Vanilla Vanilla but they also create seasonal treats. The first time I went to Sweet was in the spring so I sampled their lemon raspberry cupcake which was of course amazing! The cupcakes are made fresh each morning and they use additional bakeries to supply their gluten and nut free options. Recently expanding to also include cakes, they stock cookies, cupcakes, sheet cakes and other goodies like lollipops and cups of frosting. I am definitely one of those people who eats frosting straight from the container so I think it's genius to sell little cups of frosting for those rough days when you need a little extra goodness.

Their double dollop is their signature frosting style
My favorite of their standards is the carrot cake cupcake. After inviting local bloggers to their Newbury Street location, they brought out trays of miniature and regular sized cupcakes, with both their standard and St. Patrick's Day specials. Of course there were Baileys and Guinness inspired varieties as well as vanilla and chocolate decorated with leprechaun hats and shamrocks.

A little St. Patty's Day spirit!
It was great to hear all about Sweet's start in Boston, founded by a busy mom who wanted to be able to provide people with different kinds of cupcakes in a mixed dozen instead of buying straight vanilla or chocolate. Not willing to sacrifice health for flavor, the majority of their baked goods contain little artificial ingredients (with the exception of things like red velvet which has food coloring for that rich red tone). The stores cater and deliver and will even do custom orders for special occasions such as Valentine's Day or rockstars' birthdays (no biggie). Their next location will be opening in Chestnut Hill, branching out of the urban area they typically cater and more into the suburbs. And of course, I'm always happy to have cupcakes for dinner!

I whole-heartedly believe in the power of cake and frosting to turn a day around or serve as a gesture of kindness or forgiveness or happiness. You really can't go wrong with cake (unless you're one of those crazy people that doesn't like cake). So I hope you venture to Sweet and have a little cake for whatever you're looking for in life. Olive branches are weird, let them eat cake!

Almost too pretty to eat....almost

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