Monday, May 16, 2016

200th Post: Ode to My Kitchens

As I prepared for my next great adventure, living abroad, I became anxious saying farewell to my apartment. Why? I've moved before and been excited but I really loved this apartment. The light, the sounds, the oven that requires me to brace my right foot on just the right spot to pull it open. So many things.

I read this article about a small kitchen and big adventure a few months ago and decided it would make a great tribute to my kitchens to write about them in this, the 200th post.

My first kitchen was large... in square footage only. The oven was tiny, so small it couldn't hold the medium size cookie sheet in my set and never properly closed. But it's where this blog was born! The oven kept me warm when an October snowstorm knocked out power for a week. It had no counter space to speak of and my photos from that time are embarrassing.


In Boston, my first kitchen was a serious upgrade. Preset?! Timer?! Oven light?!? What luxuries!! More counter space and natural light to improve my photos and a blog network to learn from. Now we were cookin' (see what I did there?)!

And alas, my last Boston kitchen. Enough counter space for Bessie, the KitchenAid mixer, and many vegetables to be chopped. The perfect amount of space for exactly one person to do anything in the kitchen at a given time but open enough that I could keep an eye on things from the couch. Or catch Kitty stealing a carrot off my photoshoot (she has identity crises too).

So who knows what the next kitchen will entail! Whatever it is, if I've learned one thing in writing this blog, it's you don't have to know what you're doing or have all the gadgets to make a really good meal. Cheers!

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