Monday, September 26, 2016

Muffin Monday Recap

There are 52 Mondays in a year (sometimes 53). Not that I make muffins every single Monday although I'm feeling the pressure but that's a lot of muffin variations. To me, the standard muffins are blueberry, poppyseed and those delicious cinnamon coffee cake ones at Dunkin Donuts. Woah. Serious deliciousness.

If we take a step back, there are distinct categories of muffins. We've got:

  • Poppyseed- my personal favorite because lemon! But orange was pretty tasty too.
  • Banana- A surprising crowd pleaser! I though banana bread would trump every other banana variety but banana walnut was the most complimented!
Almost a Cupcake
  • Chocolate- chocolate for breakfast?! Yes please. 
  • Pumpkin- just add Nutella. Still a muffin, really close to a cupcake. 
  • Vegetables- sneak your vegetables wherever you can, even if it's in a muffin!
  • Oats- basically baked oatmeal in a handy muffin shape

So far, the classics have been the most popular but I'm looking to expand. I've starting getting requests including another pumpkin variation and then I would like to go for some more oatmeal-inspired ones.

What are some of your favorite muffin flavors? 

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