Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Butternut Squash Soup

I went out to dinner tonight and was delighted with some Butternut Squash Soup so there aren't really pictures of this meal. However, I did attempt to make this soup last year. Huge emphasis on attempt.

Remember that time  I alluded to someone cutting their finger while helping me chop onions? That would be this experiment. Technically I was trying to make curry-butternut squash soup which sounded delicious and it's soup, how hard can it be? It's liquid! The recipe did say that you would need an immersion blender (one of those fancy things I do not possess) BUT it also said I could use a regular blender, which I do have....kind of.

Failure 1: Sobbing like a baby chopping onions. Someone offered to help me but given that they were unaccustomed to the chopping 'mat', they slipped and cut their finger. They claim it hurt for a good month thereafter but no serious injury occurred.

Failure 2: This isn't really a failure as much as a mess. Capacity is a constant struggle for me, I just assume things will fit in the pan. I don't have a big soup pot, of course, but I have pots for pasta so I thought it would be sufficient. And it was, but a very, very full sufficient.

Failure 3: Everything was going well! All that was left was to blend it. Side note: I have a blender but it's literally from 1988 and much like the other appliances handed down to me by my parents, it is missing a key component. The coffee pot they gave me had no pot and the blender had no lid. You would think that after all those movie scenes of blenders exploding, I would learn. And I did! I covered the blender thing with a plate. Please note that a plate is slightly rounded while the top of a blender is flat. Cue exploding yellow soup everywhere. Even though I had only put a small amount in the blender, it went everywhere.

Failure 4: Given the lack of counter space, I purchased a wire rack that conveniently sits under the only free outlet in the kitchen (which is far away from the china cabinet counter). It would have been better to purchase something like a butcher block but I'm cheap so wire rack it is. It works very well until you spill something or in this case, explode something. So there was yellow goo all over my cookbooks and everything I kept on the lower two shelves (soup cans, cups, papers...).

Success 1: Questionable success actually. So the soup technically survived, it was just a little---textured. I believe I ate some of it but unlike the creamy soup I had at the restaurant, this required chewing. Those pesky onions obviously weren't chopped into small pieces, nor were they blended so mmm chewing onions.

I would love to attempt soup again but alas, I think I will have to wait until I have an actual immersion blender. And for the record, Tupperware lids fit over the blender perfectly.

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