Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Explanation of Mass Postings

I know it looks like I’m cheating and writing all my blog posts in one batch (not that there’s something wrong with that but it would be better if these were spread out, no?) but my internet is broken and that means I have a computer that is run on my imagination (Elmo taught me this). So instead of being able to gradually post blogs and pretend this is over time, I’m typing them ahead of time. But there will be a lull, I can guarantee it but then I will have to eat again so never fear! Don’t hate me because I’m bored.

Ps: in the process of writing these posts to be submitted in a mass blogging, the pumpkin snickerdoodles are fantastic and delicious. The children will not be disappointed! They just might be short a couple bucks as I ‘test’ the cookies, just in case…

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