Monday, October 8, 2012

Healthy Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

Again with the pumpkin, I know but this time it’s not my fault! A friend of mine requested that another friend of ours make these deliciously fall and apparently healthy cookies. So we are combining forces! Now, aforementioned baker friend is like the professional amateur chef. And by that I mean she has a Dutch oven (see Pumpkin Turkey Chili) and all the fun gadgets as well as the drive and recipes to make delicious things of the booked and baked variety. She is my baking/cooking mentor but isn’t officially a chef (hence professional amateur). We are also baking in her more equipped and slightly larger kitchen. It’s quite the upgrade. 

Delightfully thick batter

At any rate, these cookies are ‘healthy’. No butter, no egg yolks, no problem! The important dough test has resulted in a very oatmealy taste (read: healthy) so we’ll see how this works out. But it only takes half a can of pumpkin (we doubled the recipe so it only took half) but of course we don’t live near each other so I couldn’t lend my neighbor the half a can of pumpkin leftover from pumpkin snickerdoodles. That would be too easy.

These came out more like protein bars than cookies. They are definitely still delicious but not really cookies. What is one to do when one is expecting cookies and gets healthy things? Make more cookies! We had exactly enough sugar, flour and raisins for regular oatmeal cookies so here we have it. Cookie monsters!
The finished product! Less cookie, more health bar, equally yummy

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  1. Mawr. Hardly a professional amateur but I'm happy to lend my minimal knowledge to spread the baking joy :-)