Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Live Love Lemon...but Definitely Still Laugh

I have previously attempted to write a blog but quickly lost inspiration and since I eat every day and I have discovered Pinterest recipes, I doubt I will run out of material here. What will make this oh so entertaining is the fact that I also have a tendency to not know what I’m doing or having the proper kitchen equipment. This often results in some sort of minor crisis or major mess but I am happy to report that the food comes out delicious! With the exception of this one time I tried to make soup but that’s for another time.

To give you an idea of what I’m dealing with, I live in a slightly older apartment. Quite charming with its wood floors and farmer’s sink that has no warm, only hot and cold. Exhibit A: the problem of having two taps was remedied by using a soda bottle to connect them. Ghetto? Yes but I prefer the term creatively engineered (although I can’t take credit for finding this solution, only implementing it). I don’t actually have a counter, I have a built in china cabinet (charm!) that has a surface that give me about two feet but is quite shallow since it’s a china cabinet and the cabinet part gets in the way. My stove is probably from 1953 and 80% all of the burners work. Although it emits questionable smells of gas and makes loud clunking noises when the oven is on, it is quite the little beast. It pretty much cuts baking time in half. Badass stove for the win! All of these are structural quirks, if you will, and are manageable. The hilarity usually ensues as a result of my own failure to have proper kitchen equipment and my perpetual belief that I can wing it (for the record, I can but not gracefully). This involves such things as a blender with no lid (yes, there’s a story to that) and cutting boards that are actually more like cutting mats (I’m working on a wish list, don’t worry—because I know it was at the top of your list of concerns).

At any rate, the objective of my contribution to the blogosphere is to share my hilarious stories (and delicious recipes, not everything is a fiasco) and to stop crowding my friends’ inboxes with my triumphant tales of the kitchen. I would like to note that I love cooking and baking but I’m much better at baking. Cooking is a newfound pleasure that until 6 months ago consisted of pasta, chicken (smoke alarm going off every time), and anything I could put in a microwave. Not very diverse so I branched out and now I feel like I’m cheating if I use things from a can (a lot of things come in cans, this I have accepted as fact). But as I mentioned before, I am not very well equipped with fancy things so I’m sure that by normal standards, my cooking is normal but by my standards I’m a master chef! One day, one day….

Good news! It’s fall so the next several posts will revolve around recipes with apples and pumpkins because that’s pretty much what I’ve been eating for a month now. Get excited!! Or you could pretend and I would never know. Thus is the beauty and anonymity of the interwebs.

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