Sunday, June 22, 2014

Boston Local Food Festival- Mozzarella House

I'm taking the leap, I'm branching out, I'm volunteering as tribute. Keeping to my New Year's resolution to be bold and brave, I submitted an application to blog for a local organization that promotes locally sourced food, beverages, ingredients and vendors. Every year they host a food festival and were seeking bloggers to help them promote this year's event. I am fortunate enough to say I am now a Boston Local Food Festival blogger! You'll notice a link to their website is now housed on Livin' Lemon and I encourage everyone to subscribe to their blog to get the scoop on local places.

Look for this icon in the right-hand column to visit the BLFF blog!

My first assignment was to meet with the owner of Mozzarella House, a locally owned and sourced cheese factory. I say factory lightly because it's actually a creamery. The small operation consists of 5-6 employees who make soft cheeses by hand, keeping the tradition and integrity of Italy's cheese processes intact. Their specialties include mozzarella, burrata and ricotta cheese. You can read more about the manufacturing and local ingredients on the Boston Local Food Festival blog!

A summer favorite of mine

However, I do want to highlight some great uses for their cheeses. I mention a couple in the official post but want to reiterate how delicious this cheese is. Since it's made from fresh local ingredients, its shelf life is shorter than larger brands but it tastes much better and is even better for you.

The recommended cheeses and pairings
For mozzarella, there's the classic tomatoes and mozzarella but I was advised not to add balsamic vinaigrette. The cheese speaks for itself, no need to add anything else! The burrata cheese is similar to mozzarella but is made with heavier cream so is rich and tastes great with fresh fruit. I didn't make a recipe with the ricotta but I have no doubt it would be amazing and I would love to try it in a fruit and cheese dessert!

Stay tuned for more local food opportunities!

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